Ronald Center

August 6, 2010

Ronald Center

Ronald Center was born in Aberdeen on 2nd April 1913. He studied piano under Julian Rossetti and Organ under Willan Swainson.

He moved to Huntly in 1943, first as Music Master of Huntly Gordon School for 6 years, and stayed thereafter in the town teaching and composing.

He wrote a symphony in 1944 The Coming of Cuchulain as well as various chamber works and songs.

He died at age 60 on 18 April 1973.

His works are slowly becoming available now as his talent is being rediscovered.

His String quartet No.2, Violin Sonata and Piano Sonata can be found on the disc Center of Huntly available here:

Murray McLachlan’s superb rendition of his Piano Sonata, a further Six Bagatelles and his Children at Play can be found here:

The Saltire Quartet cover his String quartet No.1 on the disc Under the Hammer available here when in stock:

Toccata Classics have released a CD of Center’s Instrumental and Chamber Music. The piano is by Scottish pianist Christopher Guild. It is denoted as Volume 1, and a Volume 2 is planned: