Robert Crawford

August 8, 2010

Robert Crawford was born near Edinburgh in 1925.

As a composer he had 2 main periods of composition. He started composing in the 1940s and stopped completely in the late 1950s. His String Quartet No.1 was written and performed at the 1951 ISCM Festival in Frankfurt, and String Quartet No.2 was commissioned by Glasgow University in 1956.

Music did not leave his life however and in 1970 became a Music Producer at the BBC, and he remained there till he retired in 1985.

With retiral he then had the time to start his composition again. In 1986 he was commissioned by Glasgow University again, this time to write an Octet. Various commissions have followed in the nineties and in the noughties.

His music can be heard on a few discs: his is in the title piece on Hammered Brass, a CD also showcasing Xenakis and Berio.

He is also featured on Aspects of Nature showcasing Scottish and English recorder music.

He has 3 works on a Chamber Music CD showcasing John Veale and himself. These are his Elegiac Quintet for recorder and string quartet, 3 Two-part Inventions for recorder and clarinet, and his
Quintet for clarinet and string quartet.

He has a couple of CDs all to himself: the first by the Edinburgh Quartet and Nicholas Ashton on piano : Music for piano and strings

The second, also by the Edinburgh Quartet, is of his String Quartets Nos. 1 – 3

Robert Crawford died in 26 January 2011. His obituary can be seen in The Scotsman and The Herald.