Cedric Thorpe Davie

August 10, 2010

Cedric Thorpe Davie

Cedric Thorpe Davie was born in Lewisham on 30th May 1913.

A student at the Scottish National Academy of Music, he took top prize in his first year. He left there to study at the Royal College of Music under Ralph Vaughan Williams among others. He then took his studies to Europe learning again under prominent composers like Zoltan Kodaly.

In 1945 he was appointed Music Master at St. Andrews University, from 1973 he was a Professor of Music there until he retired in 1978.

He is best known for his film work including Rob Roy (1953), Rockets Galore (1957) and Kidnapped (1960) but composed a variety of chamber works, songs and operas too.

A proud Scot, he was an expert on Scottish songs and wrote a book on Scotland’s music. He was awarded the OBE in recognition of his work on the Scottish Arts Council.

He died on 18th January 1983 at St. John’s Town of Dalry in Dumfries & Galloway.

Thorpe Davie’s works are under represented on CD or mp3. His Royal Mile, Coronation March, Op.106 is on a CD of Scottish Orchestral Works, here:

You can still buy his book on composition : Musical Structure and Design here :