This site aims to detail the often neglected and overlooked – born or based – Scottish classical composers and their works, particularly those of the 20th century, and give an indication if their work is available.

Those composers with connections based on parentage, I’ve decided on the following rule: where they show that their music or career has been influenced by Scotland I’ve included, if no substantial influence can be ascertained I’ve left out.

Granville Bantock

Thus, for example, Granville Bantock born in London of a Scottish father, who wrote frequent Scottish pieces like The Hebridean Symphony, Scenes from the Scottish Highlands and a Scottish Rhapsody; and was also President of the Glasgow Orpheus Choir and given an honorary Doctorate of Music by the University of Edinburgh can be definitely counted in.

Erik Satie

Erik Satie wipes a tear from his eye at his exclusion!

Erik Satie, on the other hand, with a (London born) Scottish mother, Jane Leslie Anton – known as Jeannie – who died when the composer was 6, can be counted out. His music or career shows little sign of Scottish influence.

Sorry, Erik! Your name is not on the list…

2 Responses to About

  1. David M. Addison says:

    This probably won’t change anything but in the course of researches for my forthcoming book “A Banffshire Loon” I have made an exciting new discovery not known to Satie scholars. I have been able to prove that Templier was wrong when he stated that Erik’s maternal grandfather, George Anton was English. He was in fact Scottish as were his (Erik’s) great grandparents.

  2. David O'Brien says:

    I hope you have found CHARLES O’BRIEN and will add him to you list. He is featured on TOCCATA CLASSICS. . a pupil of MacCunn’s who wrote some fine works. . .

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