Erik Chisholm

Erik Chisholm

Erik Chisholm was born in 1904 and was known as “Scotland’s forgotten composer” and also “MacBartok” due to his parallels in bringing native folk influences – in his case obviously Scottish influences – to the classical domain.

A student of Donald Tovey at the University of Edinburgh, he was at the forefront of bringing classical music to Scotland for many years, although he later moved to Cape Town University to teach. He died in 1965.

His works are getting more accessible now.

Murray McLachlan has performed many of his piano works :

Vol.1 buy-icon
Vol.2 buy-icon
Vol. 3 buy-icon
Vol. 4 buy-icon
Vol. 5 buy-icon
Vol. 6 buy-icon
Vol. 7 buy-icon

Other recordings:
The Ossian symphony buy-icon

Pictures from Dante buy-icon

and a selection of his songs on ‘Songs for a year and a day’buy-icon

Piano Concertos Nos. 1 and 2 buy-icon

Two ballets The Forsaken Mermaid and The Hoodie Craw in a reduction for two pianos by the composer are available, on the first CD published by the Eric Chisholm Trust.

There is also a biography of the composer released by John Purser:
Chasing a Restless Muse buy-icon

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